International Experience

International Experience - Scambi Culturali Summer English Camp


The “summer English camp” program allows candidates to become camp counselors in Italy while living a great and very rewarding experience.

Playing and leading games, using flashcards to go over English vocabulary, create art projects and invent easy recitals for your young Italian students will be part of the daily activities at “You Can Camp”, where Italian students 6 to 14 years old go every morning to learn the English language in a fun and captivating way. You will have the freedom to use your own creativity but also the possibility of following a well structure curriculum with plenty of engaging activities. Every camp session usually lasts 2 weeks, from 9am to 1pm, mostly in school buildings and their open spaces.


You will have plenty of free time to explore the surrounding areas, become a part of the community and travel with the other counselors.


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