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Nicole R. Winnipeg, Canada

Who wants to be a tourist when you can be a local? Having spent a month with a host family in northern Italy, I have concluded that being a typical tourist can in no way equal the experience of living with a host family. The family, the teachers and th

Luc Therrien (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

My experience as a tutor in Italy was amazing! I felt like an ambassador for my country!  The elementary schools I worked with were welcoming and heartwarming. The family I lived with for a month was generous with their time, love, and affection. The p


Written by the “Mori” host family who gave hospitality to Tanya from USA

Victoria, Perry,(FL) USA

My experience so far has already been wonderful. My host family Rina and Felice are taking such good care of me. Our coordinator Veronica has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome. There are several families in the community who have came toget

Judith Gregory, Victoria (Australia)

My host family are fantastic, it is an advantage that both parents speak some English so we can converse quite well. The children are 6,8,10 and are sometimes interested in speaking English but its not their priority at the moment. I have taught them t

Alex Nowjack, Seattle (WA)

My time with International Experience has been a fantastic experience.  I was able to travel to Italy to teach English as a camp counselor, and I absolutely loved it!  The kids are so fun to work with, and always come to camp with a lot of energy and e

Laura H., USA

I learned so much: how to speak Italian, how to make mayonnaise and tiramisu, how to play “tombola”

Claire Impecoven, USA

Summer English Camp “You Can Camp” is an incredible and unique opportunity for both the tutors and the kids involved. While having fun, playing games, and building friendships, both teacher and student are changed. By giving kids a passion for English

Susan and Jim Davis, USA

School Experience My husband and I have just returned from a month of working in the International Experience’s Program in the Marche Region of Italy. The experience was rich for cultural immersion. We found ourselves living in the stunning countryside

Silverio Scarogni, USA

Thanks to International Experience I had a wonderful time in Italy and memories that will last a lifetime.

Monica Vaccari, USA

Coming to Marche opened my eyes to a region of Italy I wouldn’t normally visit.

Sofia P.

With the help of International Experience I was able to grow not only as a teacher , but I was able to grow as a person

Daniel M. R.

Amazed at how only one program can give you all that

Jennica Paterniti, USA

I truly felt I was submerged in the Italian culture. I would definitely participate in this program again.

Jodi B., USA

There are many organizations out there, but I believe International Experience gave me the best experience I could possibly have.

Christie R., UK

I have had the most amazing experience with you can camp! Spending three weeks in the beautiful Italy, I was surrounded by people who were so passionate about teaching the children. The camp was well organised and the coordinators were so helpful with

Elender S., Spain

My experience teaching English at a summer camp was aaawesome!!! First of all, the association was tremendously helpful all the time and they answered all my questions by email right away. Teaching English at the camp was quite an easy and enjoyable ta

Brooke S. and Lacey C., USA

Volunteering as a pair has worked out very well through the Association for us (Lacey and Brooke). We were fortunate to be living as homestays for the duration of the camp and an additional week teaching english to our families. The program coordinator

Andre B., USA

I had an absolutely fantastic experience teaching English to my host family! I’m not a formally trained teacher, but this program allows anyone with some patience and creativity to be a teacher! Upon arrival, I spoke to the members of the family who wa

Kaye F., Australia

Well have I fallen on my feet, my Italian family are simply very special. It has been easy moving in as they are very caring, very kind and great people.

Cindy J., USA

It has been an amazing experience. My host family was amazing and eager to learn English. Definitely an experience I will treasure.

Brittany F., USA

I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is interested to teach and travel abroad! This trip was the trip of a life time.

Sinead M., USA

I had the time of my life. This trip opened my eyes to education on the other side of the world, made me a better teacher.

Joseph H., USA

It is great way to share the English language, enjoy the Italian culture and really see life in a whole new light.

Tara R., Australia

All I can say is GO! This was truly the best thing I have ever done.

Jan, Debra and Peggy, USA

Teaching children gave me a priceless reward . Italy offers culture, wonderful food and incredible experiences that you will never forget for the rest of your life.