International Experience

International Experience - Scambi Culturali Andre B., USA

I had an absolutely fantastic experience teaching English to my host family!

I’m not a formally trained teacher, but this program allows anyone with some patience and creativity to be a teacher! Upon arrival, I spoke to the members of the family who wanted to improve their English and asked them questions about their weekly availability, what English courses they had already taken, and what they wanted to learn. Over time we refined what each session looked like. Most of our “lessons” consisted of having conversations, practicing new vocabulary, and listening to other people’s dialogue (through resources found online).

Really, the biggest asset I had was one that I already came equipped with: a native English tongue. I think the biggest help for them was just to have conversations with someone who has spoken English every day of their lives.

My host family gave me a lot of free time and flexibility, taking me out on trips on the weekends, cooking me some fantastic Italian food, and just overall being kind and loving! I even had the opportunity to learn Italian through a family friend who was willing to teach me Italian.

Overall, my two months were an unforgettable experience and one that I’d recommend for any native English speaker!