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International Experience - Scambi Culturali Judith Gregory, Victoria (Australia)

My host family are fantastic, it is an advantage that both parents speak some English so we can converse quite well. The children are 6,8,10 and are sometimes interested in speaking English but its not their priority at the moment. I have taught them to play some card games in English so they really love doing that with me ( sometimes daily 😉 )

The school is really interesting, the teachers are extremely helpful and the kids just love lo speak to me asking me the strangest questions at times.

I have found it very helpful to be in touch with the teachers before I came, also looking at your suggestions of what material they may find interesting. The teachers asked me to bring information about Australia. I had prepared 40 power point slides on my USB and bought my laptop. They cover everything about Australia, food, sport, school, my family and daily life. I had prepared a slide for each of the 8 states of Australia and information, short youtube clips and a range of facts and fun things that students of this age might like to see.

I think any future tutors should consider this type of interaction as they are so very happy and excited to see all the different things about Australia. We had sat and planned each lesson for all 3 levels of classes, we have handed out quiz and activity sheets, the collection of material will be made into a booklet for them to revise for a final test the week after I leave here and go to the next school. I have given them homework – to discuss what we have talked about with their family so they learn about Australia too. Its funny the things I have learnt as well 🙂  For example  Italy fits into Australia 26 times. WOW.  I have bought many small “Australiana” prizes for them the most popular is the small Koalas and pencils. I do spend some additional time  designing worksheets and looking for appropriate fun information the kids  have also asked for.

I am really enjoying the interaction with both the teachers, kids and my homestay family, it is a great experience.