International Experience S.r.l.

International Experience - Scambi Culturali Christie R., UK

I have had the most amazing experience with you can camp! Spending three weeks in the beautiful Italy, I was surrounded by people who were so passionate about teaching the children. The camp was well organised and the coordinators were so helpful with any questions.

Having no teaching experience before going and only knowing very little Italian, I was a little nervous however, it was no problem! The children are so lovely and eager to learn so it was easy to communicate to each other, especially as they love playing games!

I was lucky enough to stay with 2 host families who were so friendly and made me feel part of the family 🙂 they made the most wonderful food and would always offer to take me to beaches and places with friends. I hope I can visit them again in the future!

Honestly the best thing I could have done to truly experience the Italian culture and make friends I hope to keep for life 🙂