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International Experience - Scambi Culturali Jan, Debra and Peggy, USA

“The fun and warmth of the Italian people; the energy and beauty of their children; the dedication, passion and receptivity of their teachers; the Italian culture, traditions, and oh the food; the landscape and history of the cities and countryside; along with the depth of the Italian peoples’ value of family, religion and country wove an incredible experience for me that has become a highlight of my life. Thank you.”

Jan Corban, USA, School Experience

“My Porto San Giorgio tutoring experience was extraordinary! My contact person was so supportive, available and helpful in every way. It surpassed my expectations and fulfilled my dream of living in Italy for a month. Interacting with the local residents, teaching in the schools, exploring this beautiful area and practicing my Italian were some highlights of this adventure! I would highly recommend this professional organization if you are considering this type of adventure.”

Debra De Mella, USA, School Experience

“Being a English tutor in Italy was an amazing experience. The Italian people and children were so loving and welcoming to me. I taught English in three Italian primary schools . Although I thought I was the one doing the teaching , I found out I was the one who came away with a profound learning experience. Teaching children gave me a priceless reward . Italy offers culture, wonderful food and incredible experiences that you will never forget for the rest of your life. I am forever changed by my teaching experience in Italy and my association with International Experience Agency.”

Peggy Anderson, Canada, School Experience